Depression is real, don't keep it to yourself, find someone to talk to about your depression.

And Now For Something Completely Offtopic!

Making the best of bad situations is how we can survive without going insane. Ever notice that the people who are always complaining, always have something new to complain about? I have always tried to be looking for the good in all things, but sometimes, it is easy to revert to the complainer inside who […]

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Visit Old Quebec from Opinion Reaction

Visit Old Quebec Tee Shirt

I must tell you that I own I bought that domain a few years back when Yvonne and I used to travel a lot more. We absolutely loved walking around the old city, exploring some of the haunts where my cousins and I used to hang out when I was a teenager. When I […]

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Make Your Desktop Look Sharp!

I left a review on this product on Amazon. I don’t often do that, but this time was different. On my birthday, a few days ago, my wife showed me a giveaway on Amazon that was something I needed for my office: a desk pad that would be large enough for my keyboard and mouse […]

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How Epic Are You?

You and I both know you are epic. But you should advertise it to the world. This Opinion Reaction Tee Shirt is a great way to show the people you meet every day that you are indeed, epic!

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Need A Beatles Related Tee Shirt?

The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM is celebrating their 2nd anniversary this week and what better way to help celebrate than to wear some Beatles related gear! The above Tee Shirt is from our own Opinion Reaction brand. It features one of the Opinion Reaction characters wearing walrus tusks with a name tag: Eye M.D. Walrus. […]

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But I Don’t Know What To Say!

Podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds! Podcasts are becoming so popular that many TV and Sports celebrities are broadcasting podcasts on a regular basis. Advertisers are buying slots on podcasts, making podcasting a great monetization possibility if you can pull in some listeners/viewers. I often hear people tell me they would have a podcast, […]

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Air Mattress Or Giant Ice Cream Sandwich?

I saw a meme on Facebook that made me laugh! It was a disappointed commenter posting about his experience with an air mattress. Turns out the air mattress in question really does look like an Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes it hilarious!

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