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Hearts Are Not Something To Mess With!

Jerry Arnette on Feb 23
This is Jerry on Feb 23, before things went downhill.

One of our good friends is hanging on for dear life at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida at this time. His situation is grave at the moment. We normally are all about fun and merriment, but this is pretty serious right now. We know that our health is something that we all need to get a grip on, because without it, we are looking at the grass from the wrong end.

We want to raise awareness of Jerry’s situation because his family is in need of help from Prayer Warriors and financially.

Here is what we know:

  • Jerry was taken to a hospital in Crystal River, FL on Feb 23rd with chest pains. It was determined he had suffered a heart attack and was scheduled for a heart catheterization procedure the next day.
  • During the heart catheterization procedure, where the surgeon placed 6 stents to open up some of his arteries, Jerry suffered another, more severe, heart attack.
  • Jerry was airlifted to Shands Hospital to undergo an emergency bypass. He was heavily sedated and placed on life support.
  • By February 29, most of the blood pumping duties were being performed by Jerry’s heart – his breathing was still handled by life support. Jerry appeared to have contracted pneumonia.
  • On March 2, his breathing tubes were replaced with a tracheal tube for him to receive oxygen. The pneumonia was causing his oxygen levels to be very low.
  • Jerry began running a fever. By March 3, Jerry needed ice packs and Tylenol to help lower his body temperature. Jerry was taken off his sedatives, and pain medication was administered to keep him comfortable.
  • As of March 4, the fever is spiking and Jerry is unresponsive. The medical team at Shands are trying to determine if there is any brain activity at all. He is going to undergo a CT scan and MRI to see if his brain is still functioning.

Jerry’s family is worried and in need of prayers and your help. The medical bills are rapidly piling up and neither Jerry nor his wife have been at work since February 23rd. We know that the prayer warriors are out in full force to help Jerry, but they could use your financial support, too.

Show you care with a #Love #Heart shirt!
This shirt will be giving a portion of all sales to helping hearts!

Opinion Reaction has created a Tee Shirt to help raise money for Jerry’s family and for the American Heart Association. Until May 1st, $12 of every #Love #Heart Tee Shirt sold will go directly to Jerry’s family! After May 1st, a $5 donation will be given to the American Heart Association for each #Love #Heart shirt sold! So if you hurry, you can help Jerry’s family with the struggle to get control of the medical bills in this time of worry and stress. With your Opinion Reaction Tee Shirt purchase, you will be showing your support for all the heart disease sufferers and you’ll get a smile out of the people you meet. Talk about a win-win!

Love Heart Tee Shirt

Usually, here at BuyFromAzon, we aren’t about the hard sell. We just tell you about the products that we find cool and then leave you to your own devices. If you buy using our link, we get a commission. But during this time when our friend is hanging on for his life, we don’t think we can leave this to chance. We want you to get one of these shirts to help Jerry and his family. So if you don’t want to go through our link, go to the Opinion Reaction website and purchase directly through there.  The commissions earned through the Opinion Reaction website are all pledged directly to Jerry’s family until May 1st. We are serious about helping Jerry. He is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, after all, and for a while, we have had to stick together since the team hasn’t been all that good…

But in all seriousness, we need your help to make sure that Jerry’s family is taken care of during this really bad time. Get your #Love #Heart Tee Shirt right now and know that you are helping heal some hearts!

Love Heart Tee Shirt

#Love #Heart Helping Hearts Beat For One Another!

The #Love #Heart Opinion Reaction Tee Shirt is designed with two things in mind.

#Love #Heart

  1. The heart is a powerful thing, but when it goes down, life hangs in the balance.
  2. Love is a powerful thing, with it, you can save lives and heal broken hearts.

When I found out my good friend had suffered a massive heart attack on Thursday, my heart sank. I had just spoken to him before we went on our cruise. He seemed to be in good spirits. But you never know what is in store for the future. Now, my friend is hanging on for dear life in a medically induced coma to help his heart heal itself.

Help Hearts Get Healed
The first two months of sales from this shirt will help the family of my friend, who had a massive heart attack on Thursday. After that, a portion of proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association.

My thoughts immediately went to his family. His wife and children are going to be dealing with extensive medical bills even after his recovery. If he doesn’t recover, then it is going to be even worse for them.

That is why I got on Amazon and created the #Love #Heart Tee Shirt.

Please help heal hearts by buying one or more of the #Love #Heart Shirt!

Calm The F@%# Down Tee Shirt!

Calm The F@%# Down Tee Shirt!

Grab a shirt and tell all those stressed out people that they need to calm the F@%# down.

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