Dots What I Want!

These look amazing. I am preordering my Dots. Dots are a smaller version of the Amazon Echo and they use the Amazon Alexa speech recognition system to understand voice commands to allow you to ask it questions, tell it to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and more. It is like having a smart phone that you can leave at home.

Shop Amazon Devices – All New Echo Dot

Amazon Dots

Happy Father’s Day

Are you a dad? Happy Father’s Day!

Show you care with a #Love #Heart shirt!
This shirt will be giving a portion of all sales to helping hearts! What a way to say Happy Father’s Day!

Do you have a dad who is still with you? Wish them a great Father’s Day with a Gift Card from Amazon! You still have time to email a gift card!


How about giving them the gift of Amazon Prime?

Or, you can get them some cool video services!

Heck, you could even get dad a cell phone and a service plan!

Got Gadgets?

When traveling, keeping your gadgets under control can be overwhelming.

Click the picture above to see some great gadget organizers.

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Here is one of our more popular products this week:

Our Newest Wireless Charger Is Our Smallest!

Wireless Charger For Your Qi enabled devices!
Charge your Samsung S7 Edge (sold separately) without plugging it in!

We weren’t content with having a wireless charger for your smart phone. First of all, the first one we introduced was not designed for putting on your nightstand (unless you like having a night light). Yvonne and I both have a hard time going to sleep with a light on. So we wanted one with less light.

So we contacted the factory and asked them for one with only a tiny pinpoint LED to let you know the device is charging. The result is this cool little disc that you can easily place on your night stand and just set your phone on it to start charging. We just got them in, and I have one on each of our night stands. At less than $5 each, you can put one next to your desk and in the bathroom, too!
Check them out!

Check out the cool colors:

Blue Wireless Charging Disc
Blue On Black

Red Wireless Charging Disc
Red on Black

White Wireless Charging Disc
White On Black