Your NEW #FriskyFall Foam Roller Routine ~ Tone It Up Tuesday!

Learn all about foam rolling here ~ Sore muscles? Tight Hips?! We have JUST the thing for you! Foam Rolling …
Your NEW #FriskyFall Foam Roller Routine ~ Tone It Up Tuesday!

Full-Body Rolling Out Routine | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

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Full-Body Rolling Out Routine | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

30 min Foam Roller Workout for Beginners – Great for Abs

Roll out tight muscles in style. Then rock it with an ab routine. You’ll never look at foam roller the same way again. This workout burns 201 – 276 calories.
30 min Foam Roller Workout for Beginners - Great for Abs

Oh The Pain!

As you get to be more experienced in life (also known as aging), you tend to accumulate aches and pains. It is something you end up living with until your final day on this Earth. At least that is what I believed.

Sure, you see all these drugs being advertised on TV (and the thousands of side effects that they warn you about on those commercials) claiming to take pain away. Some probably do work, but do you want to risk the long term health problems that they may cause for the short term relief of pain that will come back as soon as the pill wears off?

The ones that work the best are also the ones that the federal government places the most restrictions on. Ever get a prescription for those? You are examined like a criminal when you walk into the pharmacy with that prescription.

But the minor aches and pains of living are not usually the ones you get prescribed the narcotics for, anyway. And those are the ones that we tend to feel as we get out of bed, up from our chair or when walking around the grocery store. Those are the pains that make you rub on that sick smelling stuff that has warning labels stating that your liver may be at risk if you use this stuff too much… Scares the crap out of me each time I reach for it.

Most of the time, I just deal with the pain and skip rubbing anything on. That is, until I found Real Time Pain Relief topical rub. This stuff smells good, for one thing. The guy that offered me some of this squeezed some out into my hand and as I rubbed it into my mouse hand (I suffer from arthritis in my mouse hand from too much Diablo 3) I immediately thought to myself, “This can’t be any good, it smells too good!”

Real Time Pain Relief
This bottle is the $40 size that I am getting. I like the pump better than squeezing a tube that ends up getting messy after a few uses. I highly recommend it.

But as I worked it into my joints, I could feel a slow warming feeling as the anti-inflammatory properties of this cream starting drilling under the many layers of skin between toward my aching joints. The formula of this pain relieving cream is amazing, with the best ingredients from a lot of the top selling creams (you know, the ones that have only one active ingredient) all combined into one highly effective pain relieving ointment.

And on top of that, it smells good. I highly recommend you invest $25 on a tube of this stuff and see for yourself. It will save you a lot of money on pain relievers and the grocery store goop that stinks up your house. Just rub it on the affected area 3 times a day and see the difference. People are raving about it! I am on my second day with this stuff and I am already excited about it!

Get your Real Time Pain Relief today and feel better in 3 days!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I cannot give your health advice. Please see your doctor for any condition that lasts longer than 3 days. This product is not intended to replace the need to see a doctor. 

Real Time Pain Relief

Fitness Balls And Splitting Your Drawers

Ftness Ball
Beware! Bouncing on one of these can split your pants… do not try this at work (unless you have a change of clothes with you).

Fitness Balls are a great way to get fit. Well, if you use them properly, they can help you tighten your abs, increase your metabolism or even develop your leg muscles.

I replaced my office chair with one of these, to force myself to sit straighter, move more and keep my balance better. Since I did that, I find myself being more active at my desk. I even bounce up and down while I wait for a website or a document to load. This bouncing is fun and it increases your calories burned because you are using a lot of different muscles.

But it can also be embarrassing.

Yesterday, while playing Diablo III, I was teleporting back to New Tristram and I started bouncing in the usual fashion and I was really getting into it. When I got up a little later to go get a drink from the fridge, my wife started laughing at me. I asked her what was up, and she told me to check my pants. They were split from right under the belt to my inner thigh. Good thing I wasn’t going commando at the time…