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POWER8 Workshop Pro CEL WS4E

http://www.power8workshop.my Whatsapps/call/SMS +60124818018 Facebook: My POWER8workshop for more details. Order online and get FREE Shipping … I don’t know about you, but this Power8 Workshop Pro looks like the best work from home tool for getting your honey do list completed. A couple of hammers, some nails and paint, and you are ready to build […]

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Worx Aerocart: This Is What Ingenuity Looks Like!

When you have to do stuff around the house, having a way to get your supplies from the garage to where you are working is important. It is also good if you can transport heavy items without killing your back. At my age, carrying stuff around my yard is beginning to cause more pain and […]

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Power8 Workshop Product Tour

How often do you see a product that makes you stop everything and watch the video in its entirety? What’s inside the Power8 Workshop? In this video professional builder, Tommy Walsh shows us exactly what is in the box. Take a look. I am sure you will be …

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The Sun Is Shining – Get Something From It

Living in Florida, Yvonne and I love to get out and soak up some rays when the sun is out (especially in December and March, when people in the Great White North are freezing their buns off). But once the spring and summer heat starts to build up, being inside in the air conditioning is […]

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Socket To Me!

Nothing is more irritating than not being able to find the right tool to finish a project. Especially when you want to get done in a hurry because you have something else you would rather be doing. I have every imaginable tool in my garage, but when I need a particular size wrench or socket, […]

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