Nursing Blend Breastfeeding Supplement

Nursing Blend is a safe, natural formula designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of nursing mothers and their babies. A comprehensive formula, Nursing Blend brings together vitamins, minerals, and proven herbal ingredients to support healthy, plentiful breast milk production.

Nursing Blend takes a two-pronged approach to ensuring the quality and quantity of breast milk produced:

* Nursing Blend provides comprehensive vitamin and mineral support: Current research reveals that women and their babies tend to be deficient in Vitamin D. By providing higher levels of Vitamin D, Nursing Blend helps to support healthy teeth and bone development – especially important during the first year when an infant is growing quickly. Vitamins B-6 and B-12 support many functions, including the immune system, the nervous system, and the production of red and white blood cells. Folic acid continues to be important during nursing to aid in healthy cell production. Nursing Blend also contains zinc
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Jarrow Formulas Max DHA , 180 Softgels

Max DHA contains omega-3 fatty acids from calamari oil highly concentrated by molecular distillation. Max DHAmeets international pharmaceutical standards for purity and freshness. The predominant fatty acid in the brain; nervous system and retina of humans is DHA; an omega-3 fatty acid.* DHA is important for fetal and infantile neurological development.* DHA also helps support neurological function in seniors.* Keep away from light and heat. Keep out of the reach of
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Now Foods Mood Support With St Johns Wort Veg-capsules, 90-Count

Nervous System Support with St. John’s Wort Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts for a Balanced Mood Helps to Maintain Positive Attitude* Vegetarian Formula NOW Mood Support is a nutritional supplement that contains both nutrients and herbal extracts that aid in the support of a healthy nervous system and a positive, balanced mood
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