Do You Have A Pet Robot?

When the holidays came last year, I was looking for something that would make life easy for my wife and I as we ease into retirement. I didn’t foresee us wanting to spend a lot of time at home, since we are both avid Pokemon Go players and we like to explore the world.

An ad for the Deebot Robot Vacuum appeared around Black Friday and I bought it to surprise my wife. When I saw the Deebot advertised, I thought about the time it would save us having to vacuum the entire house (actually 2 houses, since we go to Illinois for the spring and summer) and the typical chores that we adults have to keep up with. It turns out, the Deebot is more than just a vacuum cleaner.

Your own robot vacuum cleaner
Our pet Deebot…

Having a robot vacuum is like having a pet. You first have to get accustomed to having one around. You have to change your lifestyle when you have one. Let me explain what I mean.

Robot vacuums require some forethought, much like having a dog or cat. You want to make sure you do not leave anything laying around that you don’t want it to chew on (or get tangled up in). You have to set a schedule around it (with the Deebot, it just needs to know the time that you want it to vaccum – with dogs and cats, you have to feed and water them and occasionally walk them). You have to close the doors for the rooms you don’t want them in (in our case, we leave one of the bedroom doors open once or twice a week and the bathroom doors every few days since that allows the vacuum a chance to concentrate on the main living areas a few more days than the rest of the house).

Having used the Deebot since December, I honestly feel that our home feels cleaner than when we vacuumed once a week. We have the Deebot run daily right after lunch (since I tend to make crumbs at that time). The floors are tile here, and when you track through something, you feel it when you walk barefoot. Having a daily cleaning scheduled, I can walk barefoot confidently, since nothing stays on the floor longer than a day or two at the maximum. Another side effect of having the vacuum schedule is that we pick up after ourselves immediately because we know that our little fella is going to try and eat this. So clothing, wires and papers are no longer found on our floors because we have adapted to owning a pet robot vacuum cleaner.

We have yet to need the mop attachment, but we have it ready in case we need it. Our Deebot has become a lot like a pet for us, we talk to it and scold it when it tries to go under our recliners and gets stuck (we have since rolled up some area rugs and placed them under the recliners so that it detects the chair better. We empty its little dust bin every couple of days and clean the filter every 2 or 3 weeks. We haven’t had to take it to the vet, so that is a plus.

If I were to design my own robot vacuum, I would add a couple features not included in this model. I would include RFID stickers that you could place around your home to help the vacuum map your home more effectively and then be able to clean specific rooms on demand using a smartphone app or Amazon Alexa. The Deebot only comes with a preprogrammed vacuum path (3 different settings for different cleaning jobs) that is effective, but when it needs to head back to the base, it stops vacuuming (to save power) but keeps going in the same random path until it gets in range of the base station, whereupon it settles on a beeline path to the charging dock. With RFID mapping, the vaccum would be able to know exactly where it needs to go to get to the base so it could do so more effectively (and vacuum a little longer).

With that said, for the price, I am very happy with our little friend. You should think about getting one of these for your home. Click here to read more about the Deebot Robot Vacuum.

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