Alkaline Water: Good For You?


A while ago, I wrote about something I was planning on purchasing. It was a counter top water ionizing purifier to make my drinking water more alkaline. It turns out that a lot of people are touting alkaline water as having a lot of health benefits. Personally, I like it.

I was buying alkaline water at my local grocery store, and at close to $4 a gallon, it did not take long for me to decide to buy an ionizer. At $800, a good ionizer pays for itself in roughly 25 weeks if you buy 4 gallons of water each week. I was buying more than that. Of course, I was also waiting for it to go on sale and buying large amounts when it was on sale so let’s say it took a year to pay for itself. I am now about to get into real savings territory. I have had my purifier since May 11, 2018, and I have not even reached one third of the way to the end of the filter’s lifespan. It is supposed to be replaced at 4000 liters of water purified. I am at the 1300 liter mark and it is still getting most of the chlorine out of the water (in our town, they seem to add chlorine to the water supply once a week, where you can smell it when you start running the tap). It is nice not tasting it when I take a drink. I like to use it for cooking, also. There are 4 settings for alkalinity, Initial Drinking (for people who are just beginning to drink alkaline water – this is about the same alkalinity as some of the retail alkaline water), Daily Drinking (what I started out at, since I was already used to the retail alkaline water), Brewed Tea/Coffee (to help reduce the acidity of coffee and tea) and Cooking (which helps bring down the acidity of foods). I definitely use the Brewed Tea/Coffee setting for my coffee maker and when I make tea.

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.5

Something that was really cool was during the holidays, we had family over and they raved at how much better the water tasted at our house (through the ionizer). We ended up filling a gallon jug for them to take home with them. I am sure they will be buying one of these as well. You can get yours here:

If you have a faucet that is not standard, it is not very difficult to install a secondary faucet by placing a splitter on your cold water supply line to let you have a dedicated faucet for your ionized water. That is what we did, because our faucet has a sprayer right on the faucet itself, so the adapter did not work on it. The ionizer comes with multiple styles of adapter, so that you should be able to attach it to any faucet type (except the one I just pointed out) for easy setup. I like the idea of a second faucet anyway, because I didn’t want to run hot water through it accidentally. Hot water is not good for the filter, since it can expand the pores of the filter, allowing the particles to come through.

My plan is to buy another one for my place in Florida, too, since I find myself buying alkaline water every time I am there. When I get it, I will make a video of the process of installing a secondary faucet in the place where a sprayer hose would go. But for now, I just wanted to keep you informed as to how I like my Aqua Ionizer Deluxe. If your doctor recommends you start drinking alkaline water, I highly recommend this one, because it will save you a lot of money compared to the really expensive ones (can you imagine paying $3500 for one? People have made an entire industry out of these expensive machines). It does what the manufacturer says it is going to do and they don’t try to make a ton of money off of you with the filters. I priced them at $35 when I purchased my unit, and I got a free one after I registered the unit, so I am good for a couple years at the current pace that I am using the filter.

Remember to do your research on whether drinking alkaline water is right for you. You have to be careful, because a lot of medicines are designed to be taken with regular water, because they plan on your stomach’s acidity to be at a certain level, so they caution to wait to take medications until an hour after drinking alkaline water and to wait an hour after you have taken your medications before drinking more alkaline water. Again, check with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions!

Alkaline Water: Good For You?
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