Depression is real, don't keep it to yourself, find someone to talk to about your depression.

And Now For Something Completely Offtopic!


Making the best of bad situations is how we can survive without going insane. Ever notice that the people who are always complaining, always have something new to complain about? I have always tried to be looking for the good in all things, but sometimes, it is easy to revert to the complainer inside who wants like heck to broadcast his misery to the world. But who wants to hear about that?

Let me tell you who, the people who have bad stuff happen to them. They want to hear other people complain about their struggles, because then they can feel better about their situation, since someone else has it worse. But if we keep on putting all that negative energy out there, how do we make a better life for ourselves?

If I were going to put a product link in here, this is where I would introduce the product that would solve the dilemma that I described above, but this is more than a product post. This is a lifestyle post.

If you have something great going on it your life, I would love to hear about it. I want to tip the scales in a positive way to help combat the negativity that is too easy to share. Let’s share something positive, that will help someone who may be struggling with depression or self doubt get over the sense of inevitability and take a step in away from the brink of despair. Since I am a survivor of depression in my 30’s, I can empathize with anyone who struggles with it today, because I didn’t have social media or blogs to help me with my depression. I only had drugs, and they didn’t do me any favors.

Leave a comment (I will leave the comments open for 14 days) and I will choose some of the better ones to share on the Facebook Page. And if you are suffering from depression or having a tough time of it, please find someone to talk to that can help you. I learned 20 years ago that keeping it to myself is worse than anything that can come of sharing with someone.

And Now For Something Completely Offtopic!
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