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Brew Rite Brewer Cleaner removes mineral deposits and bitter coffee oils better than vinegar. Using this cleaner improves brewing, so that your machine will consistently provide "cafe quality" coffee and espresso.

  • Brew Rite Cleaner for Automatic Drip Coffee and Espresso Machines
  • Perfect for Keurig Brewers!
  • Cleans and removes hidden mineral deposits
  • Improves brewing time
  • Non-acidic and leaves no harmful residue
  • For all automatic drip, Keurig and espresso machines


I’ve been using Brew Rite for years, and there was a time when it was hard to find: I’m really glad to see Amazon has it now.
Brew Rite is very simple: it’s a chemical, Na2CO3, used in the manufacture of glass so you should follow some basic safety when using it. Do not breathe its dust and wash any of the powder from your skin as soon as possible. Keep it out of your eyes (thanks to Amazon customer doctor__don for this information). Time and again I am amazed at how well it flushes out my coffee maker–I even use it to clean the equipment, too.
Brew Rite is easy to use: you put water in your coffee maker, spoon in one tablespoon per 4 cups of water, then run it through the maker as if you were brewing a pot of coffee (if you have a charcoal filter like my Braun does, I’d suggest taking that out first). Brew Rite washes through your coffee maker and picks up all the built-up gunk that accumulates inside–it’s a bit alarming, all that you see coming out into the pot. From there, you just have to flush the coffee-maker clean by running three more pots of fresh water through. I take that initial pot of cleaner-and-water, swish things like the pot lid in it, and use it to wipe out coffee mugs that have stubborn stains in them. Just like the coffee maker, a thorough rinse leaves everything super-clean: my glass coffee pot practically glows.
I make coffee at home about 2-3 times a week, so I only have to use this cleaner once every 6 months or even longer. The jar you see pictured here is good for about 3 full-pot cleanings, so for me that’s at least a year and a half’s supply.
Even if you use the vinegar-and-water method, you should give Brew-Rite a try. It’s safe, it doesn’t affect the taste, and it will surprise you how much you didn’t know built up in your coffee maker.

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