Tired Of Trying To Plug Your Phone In When The Lights Are Off?

I wait until the last second to plug my phone it at night. I am certain it irritates my wife, because I stay up a little longer to play Guns of Glory and when I finally plug my phone in, I tend to cuss under my breath when I take longer than a few seconds […]

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Stormy Wifi?

Wifi Too Slow? Don’t blame your provider!

You pay for a pricey Internet connection for your home. You expect your devices to blast through websites, games, movies and music… until you find that your speeds are not what your provider said they would be. Your Router could be the culprit. Routers are the devices that take your connection and shares it to […]

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BuyFromAzon Tee Shirt

Get A Free BuyFromAzon Tee Shirt!

Want one of these cool, comfortable tee shirts that show your love for BuyFromAzon.com? Here is what you do: We need reviews on our products. So, all you need to do is buy one of our BFA Select products¬†and leave a review on it.¬†Each reviewer will be entered in a drawing for an XL BuyFromAzon […]

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Serious Video Making Requires This Type Of Commitment!

I just finished writing a post on Online Video Workshop about how serious videos can be commercials, too. In it, I mentioned that you have to capture the attention of your audience from the first second of your video. Nothing grabs eyeballs like footage from a great camera. If you try to pass off serious […]

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NextBook 11.6 Tablet With Keyboard

This Christmas, I saw a lot of technology come through my inbox. A lot of sweet deals and some I thought were sweet. But we already have top of the line desktop computers that we picked up in the fall, so we weren’t going to spring for another one so soon. But one that did […]

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