Air Mattress Or Giant Ice Cream Sandwich?

I saw a meme on Facebook that made me laugh! It was a disappointed commenter posting about his experience with an air mattress. Turns out the air mattress in question really does look like an Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes it hilarious!

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Depression is real, don't keep it to yourself, find someone to talk to about your depression.

And Now For Something Completely Offtopic!

Making the best of bad situations is how we can survive without going insane. Ever notice that the people who are always complaining, always have something new to complain about? I have always tried to be looking for the good in all things, but sometimes, it is easy to revert to the complainer inside who […]

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Stainless Steel Water Bottles Need Cleaning, Too!

Water bottles are awesome for keeping you hydrated while you are on the go. But did you ever wonder about the bacteria that can grow inside the moist, dark space when you go too long between bottle washings? Those stainless steel water bottles can be difficult to clean, you can’t just stick them in the […]

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Alkaline Water: Good For You?

A while ago, I wrote about something I was planning on purchasing. It was a counter top water ionizing purifier to make my drinking water more alkaline. It turns out that a lot of people are touting alkaline water as having a lot of health benefits. Personally, I like it. I was buying alkaline water […]

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Tired Of Trying To Plug Your Phone In When The Lights Are Off?

I wait until the last second to plug my phone it at night. I am certain it irritates my wife, because I stay up a little longer to play Guns of Glory and when I finally plug my phone in, I tend to cuss under my breath when I take longer than a few seconds […]

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