Tired Of Trying To Plug Your Phone In When The Lights Are Off?

I wait until the last second to plug my phone it at night. I am certain it irritates my wife, because I stay up a little longer to play Guns of Glory and when I finally plug my phone in, I tend to cuss under my breath when I take longer than a few seconds […]

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Working Hard In Your Home Office?

If you need to sit at a desk, you need an office chair. The chair pictured above is a popular seller on BuyFromAzon! And for less than $150, it will save you some money for your home office.

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A New Meaning To Roughing It?

Ever have this happen to you? You suddenly have to go to the bathroom! It is urgent, and you don’t know how you managed to avoid going until now, but now it is going to happen whether you have a toilet handy or not! Me neither. But if it did, I would want one of […]

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Spring Is Flower Planting Time, Dig It?

You know that time when the snow starts to melt and the rains haven’t come to take over the weather calendar? That is usually the time to start planting your flowers or reshuffling your bulbs. In our yard, the bulbs need to be dug up and replanted, because they get over crowded year over year. […]

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Visit Old Quebec from Opinion Reaction

Visit Old Quebec Tee Shirt

I must tell you that I own I bought that domain a few years back when Yvonne and I used to travel a lot more. We absolutely loved walking around the old city, exploring some of the haunts where my cousins and I used to hang out when I was a teenager. When I […]

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