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Air Water Life Brand Alkaline Water Ionizers (Part 4 of series)

In our previous articles, we didn’t go into much detail on specific brands of Alkaline Water Ionizers. Initially, I wanted to give you more of the basic information about these countertop devices that turn your water into ionized alkaline water. But now, I want to discuss one of the major players in the water ionizer […]

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Made In Japan: Part 3 – Alkaline Water Ionizer Series.

Alkaline Water Ionizers began in Japan. So it is not surprising to find some models that come direct from Japan. The Panasonic TK7208P-S is one such device. This Ionizer is made and shipped from Japan, but the instructions and labels on the product are all Japanese, making it a challenge to figure out what is going […]

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Purifying Water Is Not Enough

Look, cleaning the chemicals and particles out of your drinking water is a good thing. But sometimes, you have to wonder whether your water is doing anything for you other than giving you a little exercise when you have to get up to go to the bathroom and release it back into the wild. I […]

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Dragon Breath?

Sometime you really can scare people away just by opening your mouth. This helps you prevent that from happening. Get yours now: Fresh Breath Oral Mouth Rinse – Dentist Recommended, Cool Minty Flavor – Treats Bad Breath – Squeaky Clean 16oz

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Top 7 Foam Roller Tips and Exercises

Foam Roller Tips and Exercises – Check out my New Foam Roller DVD 60 minutes of … Freory 3 in 1 Foam Roller – Large 18 Inch Trigger Point Foam Roller for Myofascial Release, Foam Exercise Roller with High Medium Density Foam and Deep Tissue Massage Stick (Titanium & Orange-w/bag) Muscle Roller Stick […]

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