Changing Your Mattress


How often do you change your mattress? If you are like most people, at least every 10 years. And yet, some people keep the same mattress/frame for even longer than that! Think about the germs that soak into a mattress over the years. And dust mites! How big of a dust mite colony do you think you can grow in 10 years?

Sure, you change and wash your sheets and blankets often. But the stuff I am talking about goes right through those sheets. Right into the mattress. That is one of the reasons we change pillows every couple years (what? you still have the same pillows, too?) because of the ear wax and germs that soak through the pillowcase into the actual pillow. Mattresses, with a proper protector over it can last longer than pillows, but over time, the springs and foam start to break down and the once supportive mattress becomes a bowl that keeps you in one spot.

When my dad passed away, my mom wanted to change to a king size bed, so we helped her pick out a mattress and assembled the frame for her. Within 2 years, her side of the mattress was already indented to fit her form. I contacted the company she purchased the mattress from and he told me that it is normal wear and tear for a mattress for it to have indentations.

Well, after my mom passed away only a couple years after my dad, and I bought a new king mattress from one of the warehouse clubs. It was alright, but it was a little too firm. When my wife and I moved to Illinois, we brought the king mattress from Florida. Two things, bringing home a king mattress like that is difficult and expensive. Moving one to Illinois is also difficult and expensive.

Now that my wife and I are getting a divorce, I am back in Florida and was tired of using a 10 year old queen mattress. So I ordered a King bed from Amazon. I chose one with a nice headboard and that wouldn’t be a puzzle to put together.

All the parts for the King Size bed.
All the components fit in the headboard for easier shipping.

When I opened the box, I saw the headboard with a zippered compartment in the back that had a sticker saying “Here We Are!” Behind the flap was all the components that would eventually become my bed.

I unpacked the headboard and took all the pieces into the bedroom where I was going to put this baby together.

All the components taken out of the headboard.

One little box had a plastic bag taped to it that contained the hardware and instructions. The instructions immediately helped calm me down, especially when they said “Don’t Panic!”

Complete frame before adding side panels and slats.
Once I had the main section completed, I ran the cord for my electric blanket along the frame so that the cords didn’t drag on the floor. It makes it a lot easier to sweep when you don’t have cords catching dust.

I added the side pieces to the headboard and then placed the slats on the frame. I was pretty happy with how well everything went.

Completed bed frame
Completed bed frame!

After completing the frame, I opened the long slim box containing the new mattress I had ordered. The box was not as heavy as I imagined it would be.

I pulled the rolled up mattress out of the box and dragged it into the bedroom and positioned it at the foot of the bed frame and then carefully used scissors to remove the outer layer of wrap that help the mattress rolled up. I made sure I avoided the inner packaging as that would have started letting air into the mattress. Think of these mattresses as sponges that are put into a plastic bag and then vacuum sealed. It becomes thin and easy to work with. They roll it up at the factory and wrap it with stretch wrap to hold it in that shape so they can put it into the box.

Once the outer wrap was removed, I unrolled the mattress onto the frame so that I was certain that everything lined up. Then, carefully, I cut open the end of the packaging and allowed the air to enter the mattress. Once it was filling up, I cut away the rest of the packing material and threw it away. Within 10 minutes the mattress looked like this:

Completed bed frame with the Ashley Furniture King Mattress!
The mattress took its shape quickly and looks great.

It takes 24 to 48 hours to fully take its shape after opening the mattress, so I will be sleeping on it tonight, unless the smell is still too strong. They say it takes up to 72 hours for the smell to dissipate. I am hoping it will only take 48 hours. My (soon to be ex) wife and I had purchased a queen sized mattress just like this one and it is amazing! We used it in the guest room, but sometimes when I snored a little loud, she would sleep there and she swears that is it more comfortable than the expensive warehouse club mattress.

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