Cooking Is No Longer Confined To Your Stovetop!


When I used to rent apartments and houses, my two biggest complaints were always the stove and the refrigerator. Rentals always have the plainest appliances and they often do not work very well. I had one place where the oven would only work on one side, which made my pizzas raw on one side and overdone on the other. Each move, I would have to adjust to the burner temperatures, because they rarely matched from one place to the other. One stove, the burner would go to the setting you first put it on, but should you adjust it later, nothing would happen. Not good when you heat the burner on high and want to turn it down to simmer.

Luckily for me, I found the Nuwave induction cooktop. Actually, my mom found it and she passed it on to me when she passed away. An induction cooktop uses a magnetic resonance in the metal of your pans to heat the pan and not the cooktop. This makes it possible to set it to the exact temperature that you need for proper cooking.

One drawback with induction cooking is that your pans must be stainless steel. I already had a set of Wolfgang Puck cookware and it works perfectly on the Nuwave cooktop. The best way to test your cookware is to use a magnet on the bottom of your pot or pan. If the magnet sticks, the pot will work with the induction cooktop.

My favorite part of the whole Nuwave induction cooktop is that it is portable. You can cook with it anywhere that you can find a power outlet. If you want to cook in the basement, awesome! Your bedroom? Simply unplug the alarm clock and plug this in and you can be sauteing in bed!

Please do not cook in bed! It is not safe!

I have made many a pot of chili with this cooktop, as well as perfect omelettes (until I got the Dash Egg Cooker… then I stopped cooking eggs in pans). It doesn’t get hot, but the food cooks to whatever temperature you set it. Forget low, medium or high settings! Now you can set the precise temperature and the Nuwave will heat it to that temperature!

I am not recommending you get rid of your stove, just yet, but you had better make sure you have enough counter space for all of the cool cooking gadgets out there. I have a kitchen remodel in the works so I can use all of my devices at the same time (probably will need an electrician for a few hundred more outlets, too)! So please use my links above for the purchase of any of the products recommended here, because I need the commissions to help pay for the remodeling!

Cooking Is No Longer Confined To Your Stovetop!
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