Cruising Brings Out The Explorer


Here we are, somewhere in the Caribbean… we can see the Dominican Republic from our balcony as we sail to St. Maarten. Sure, we feel like we are in the lap of luxury, but in a way, we are explorers, too.

The Lasagna Cookbook: Top 50 Most Delicious Lasagna Recipes

Each day, we try new foods. Sometimes, it is an old favorite, but prepared in a new and different way by someone who is from a completely different culture. Such is the case with the wonderful lasagna that we had at the Italian restaurant on board the ship. Wow! I never expected to be blown away by lasagna. I love lasagna, but since my mom passed away, I temper my expectations – since I rated my mom’s lasagna number 1!

Now, this lasagna was completely different from my mom’s recipe. It contained what appeared to be pot roast inside, with eggplant and carrots. The pommodoro sauce was amazing. This was just a totally different lasagna experience!

So when I realized that a simple dish like lasagna could be made so many different ways, I set out to find some more recipes to try out when we get home. I found this recipe book for Kindle that lists the top 50 Lasagna Recipes: The Lasagna Cookbook: Top 50 Most Delicious Lasagna Recipes

The Lasagna Cookbook

I am adding this to my reading list, since I want to find my new favorite lasagna recipe. Get your copy while the price is still less than a dollar!

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