Duck Dynasty: Season 1 – Sneak Peek Review


Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

Duck Dynasty: Season 1 - Sneak Peek


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  • Here are some REAL customer reviews:

    “Redneck Rampage: Another Formula Show About Wacky Eccentrics Gets An ACTUAL DVD Release”

    “Duck Dynasty” is getting an actual DVD release. While the show has been available to purchase for quite some time, it was previously being sold as a DVD-R on demand product. That means that it was pressed onto discs when… Read more

    “10 times better than the Kardashians!!!!!!”

    “Duck Dynasty” they usually assume its a bunch of red neck hillbillies with poor manners and “fowl” attitudes. This is false, the Robertson family, even though they are rednecks, are… Read more

    “The best show on TV”

    Finally a reprieve from the typical garbage that Hollywood spews out- every member of the family has a great personality. From Willie to si all the characters are interesting. Can't wait for season two highly recommend Read more

    Amazing that this is a popular topic!

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    The Robertsons of Duck Dynasty Talk About How Their Faith in Jesus Turned Around Their Lives!!

    Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty, share how their faith in Jesus has been integral to their success!
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    Here's the link to the A&E "Episodes" website for Duck Dynasty.

    Also you can purchase individual past episodes on Amazon and instantly view them.
    Go to and do a search for Duck Dynasty.

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