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You have video games. Now move on to the next level with video game enhancement. Every time you get stuck on a level, can’t beat a difficult boss, or run out of ammunition, GameShark can help. By getting into the codes that game developers use to test their games, GameShark can provide you with such things as infinite health, infinite lives, all weapons, all characters, all vehicles, and more. The GameShark is even compatible with the new portless 9000 series PlayStation. The unit comes preloaded with more than 1,500 codes, and you can always get updated codes from the manufacturer.

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Wow I don’t understand WoW.

What is WoW Armory? WoW… (I am not surprised) This is not sarcasm. The acronym WoW has come to stand for World of Warcraft as much if not more in internet lingo as hactivism and belieber have become modern words in the American lexicon over the past year. The internet, Google and Wikipedia come to mind, has come to define much of modern culture. In the areas of: Its language, its sense of humor, its consumerism, its politics. If you haven’t noticed internet news has all but destroyed the newspaper, here is a cliche’ for a new generation to help you get the concept of it: “the internet killed printed media stars” a la “video killed the radio star.” Google wow and more MMORPG related websites than definitions of an exclamation will appear on page one. Why shouldn’t it? blizzard Entertainment has reported an astronomical number of registered users. 12 million dedicated internet surfers relating the search term “wow” to World of Warcraft letting “wow” the word going the way of words like “cell.” One day in the not-so-distant past a person saying “cell” referred to an enclosure; now-a-days you would be excluding the implied suffix, “phone.” Wow Armory is an informational site regarding the qualities of a character used to play in the World of Warcraft on-line world.

WoW Armory links are commonly used to show a character’s stats for a variety of reasons: bragging, comparing, admiring, and valuing for on-line trade and marketplaces. The WoW character armory is the standard and original armory; it is the one most commonly used to value a character for on-line trade and marketplaces.

What is my character worth? This question can be a tricky one. For the would be answerer supply v. demand and other marketplace principles intrinsic to copy-protected media creations like characters in WoW the answer is as dynamic as it is fleeting. A few short months ago in early 2010 a level 80 “Kingslayer” character with all 277 gear was rare and valuable. Within a few short weeks of blizzard‘s release of “Cataclysm,” level 80 characters that were selling in the thousands of dollars were discounted on many forums and re-sale sites for less than $100 ($100 is how much it would cost just to buy the game!).

The amount of time it takes to level a character and accomplish the necessary tasks to accumulate the statistics sought after in the on-line market is insurmountable especially when considering the value demand has put on these sorts of high level and achievement creations. So there are short-cuts that have arisen from the bowels of the world-wide-web. Things like RAF, power-leveling services, and bot-ing an account for high level characters has found a home in the low-cost-labor annuls of the Asian workforce and commuted home to the US servers hosting millions of users. Not to say that blizzard isn’t actively fighting these issues but when it starts to have an impact on the user experience and their (blizzards’) profits they really start to show their teeth.

blizzard has a history of actively and vehemently pursuing legal action against anyone they feel threatens the user experience or their intellectual property rights. What blizzard has said in its EULA is that no in-game item or character may be traded for anything outside the game to include real money. How then do we start to address the question of “what is my character worth?” to users wishing to sell their own creation, i.e., a character in wow they used to express their creative energy over time? Demand is how value is determined. Demand for safe, high level, rare characters in WoW drives this market and has found a select few businesses that can peddle these gamers’ wares’.

To determine a characters actual value first you must take a long look at its official armory. Is it top level? 85 or higher if blizzard so designs… Is it capable of performing all of the highest challenges in the game? Best in-game gear available equipped… rare mounts collected, etc. Is it a gamer account? E.g. power-leveled accounts have notoriously low achievement points, gamers spend tons of time collecting gold, valuables, gear, and accomplishing in-game tasks and quests that yield lots of extras including high-achievements that just are not present in accounts that have been created by a foreign bot. If you answered yes to all these questions your account might be a highly sought after commodity in an ever-growing on-line market-place.

So you say there are scammers on the internet? No way! There are more than a few sneaky ways that scammers are making a quick buck off World of Warcraft, blizzard, and its users. One notable example, a man running his own server (allowing characters to play free of blizzards rules and restrictions) made millions in payments received from his subscribers before blizzard won a lawsuit forcing him to shut down his operation. Other companies (based almost exclusively overseas) run gold farming and bot services allowing users willing to take the risk and pay the cash to gain lots of in-game valuables without spending the time to play the game. blizzard does well to limit the number of these and similar services, but eliminating them entirely is an intractable task even for a media-giant like they are.

I wish to sell my character; can you give me a quote? Sure “Success is never found. Failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing.”- Winston Churchill. So having examined a few of the issues regarding answering this question straightforwardly there are about three different quotes one will receive when looking into selling their WoW account:

1- The scammer guy; this quote will be the best one you get! The highest quote you could probably imagine reasonable if you considered every detail of your account at top value. This quote is meant to feed your ego, “yes my account is valuableJ!” and cloud your judgment, “I better take that while I have the chance, it’s a lot of money…” For once you submit your account details… it will be gone forever… bye bye
2- The get rich quick guy; these guys run the power-leveling services and pay mechanical turks to farm gold and test bots. They know the market demands and they work hard to meet them. When an account comes along they could sell for $400, they buy for $300. Profit and forget. Purge and repeat. Have a problem with your account? So sorry, me no speaka da English? is no longer the name of this company sir. We are now Perhaps you try and get lost, k? This is a recording, if you would like to leave a message…
3- A legitimate business/private buyer; sometimes you feel like making dinner yourself, sometimes you feel like having it served to you with some kind of reassurance that it will be satisfying and that someone will be there to help you if you need something like a refill. Private buyers are the0″ cooking for yourself” guy who doesn’t want to pay $100 for filet mignon steak dinner with all the fixings’ but he is willing to pay $25 and do it himself. Of course you always run the risk of messing it up especially if you don’t know what you are doing and there is no one to take it back and get you a new one when you do. is an example of the “going out to eat guy,” sit back relax; let them take care of everything all the while guaranteeing that you be satisfied! With either of these you are going to see quotes that may be considerably less than the get rich quick and scammer guy. Overhead costs for the business and frugality in the private buyer are going to drive the reason for these lower quotes.

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG with upwards of 12 million registered users that has triggered spin-off markets that do millions of dollars of business on the world wide web. Amateurs and professionals alike call themselves WoW gamers (one guild won $75k at last years’ Blizzcon). Wow armories attempt to quantify the in-game achievements, possessions, and traits of the characters its users create. Companies, scammers, and private individuals deal in the trade of user time and creations in the form of WoW accounts and the characters on them. Selling a WoW account can be safe and rewarding ($$$) but much more easily so it can be fruitless and even devastating. Be careful!


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