Geo Grid Driveway Day 2


Getting more digging doneDigging is quite a bit of work when you are used to using a mouse and a keyboard all day. This became painfully evident after the first hour. But I digress from the timeline.

I woke up with a brilliant idea! Yesterday, we had taken the sod around the house to the backyard. It was a long process that required us stopping the digging and taking the wheelbarrow full of sod and rolling it around the house, down one step and up one step then maneuvering the wheelbarrow around the gate in the fence.

This morning, I grabbed my 20 volt circular saw and sliced an opening in the fence in the front yard, so we could drag the sod straight back without a lot of struggle. I wanted a gate there, anyway, so this solved that problem, too!

After that was accomplished, the digging began. My neighbor noticed us working and stopped by to say hi. It turned out he needed some dirt, so I was able to talk him into a few wheelbarrows of dirt. Another problem solved!

While I would have loved to have finished the digging in one day, the heat, my age and my lack of conditioning led me to decide that I should take it a little slower. So each day, the plan is to get three wheelbarrows of dirt out and be happy with the progress. A few times, I saw people driving by with backhoes and I would have loved to talk them into shortening the workload here, but I was too tired to chase them down the road.

Maybe tomorrow I can get them to stop…lol.


Geo Grid Driveway Day 2
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