Have Acid Reflux?

Did you finish that pepperoni pizza and now you have serious heartburn?

Let’s face it, a lot of things we eat or drink come back to haunt us. We need to moderate, but where is the fun in that, right? Usually after that 3 shot of tequila, another shot sounds better than it really is for me. But do I care?

No, I have it and then regret it when I go to bed and feel the acid creeping up my esophagus. I never understood what was happening until I spoke to my gastroenterologist. He told me to raise the head of my bed to help keep the acid from finding a way out through my mouth.

I thought about doing that, but my wife at the time didn’t have the same condition, so it wasn’t fair to her to raise her side, too. So I looked around and found this wedge! It really helps me sleep without having the burning sensation of my evening snacks coming back out.

Click on the image to read all about the wedge cushion!

Disclaimer: some of the products and links may pay me a commission if you make a purchase after clicking through to their website. I do pay for and use many of the products I recommend.

PS – that mug design above is one I created. You can purchase it on TeeSpring, along with Tee Shirts (shown below) with the same design.

A PG rated version is also available:

Consequences: The unavoidable aftermath resulting from the stupid $%!# you did yesterday!
A PG rated version.
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