Lambie Is Waiting

Lambie watches for her human to get back on board.
Lambie Is Waiting

While waiting to board the Carnival Sunshine in St Kitts, I saw a lonely Lambie plush looking anxiously out a porthole for her little human child. She had accompanied the child on this cruise, but was left alone in the cabin while the whole family went out and visited all the Caribbean ports on the itinerary.

But Lambie is patient. Just like on Doc McStuffins (the cartoon on Disney network for those of you who don’t have children or grand children), Lambie waits until Doc comes home to play with her.


If you have a child (or grand child) who watches Doc McStuffins, you know that the toys in the show come to life when with Doc McStuffins. The whole premise is that a toy is nothing but plastic and metal unless they are brought to life by a child’s imagination.

So while the traveling child was visiting St Kitts, Sint Maarten, San Juan and Grand Turk, Lambie was waiting for her spark of life to come back. Good thing Lambie is patient.

Get the child in your life a patient friend who will always be waiting for them…

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