Legs Getting Tired Of Sitting?


A while back, I told you about using a fitness ball for your desk chair. I have been using one ever since. But there are days when I am working (or playing Diablo III) long hours and I find my butt is still falling asleep. That is when I could use a standing desk.

What is a standing desk?

Well, it really is what it sounds like. You have a desk that is the height of a regular desk plus about 3 feet, so you can work standing up. I had been hearing about these for a while now, but had not really given it much thought because I assumed that those were only useful in data processing environments where people needed to move around a lot from computer to computer.

But newer standing desks are allowing people to work both sitting and standing by giving them a way to bring the desk up or down to their level.

Varidesk at sitting level
Here the VariDesk is at sitting level for those times you want to sit.
Varidesk at standing level.
But with a simple step, you can easily raise the VariDesk to standing height in seconds without disrupting your office.

As you can see in the images, this makes it a snap to go from sitting to standing and back to sitting again! When I saw this in action, I knew that I could work with this setup!

Imagine, you are working on a project and you find your butt getting numb. Normally, you would either take a break or work through the distracting numbness. Both options can ruin your train of thought and the quality of your work. But if you can stand up and keep working with a 3 second step in between, you really do not lose any of your train of thought and you are able to keep going, fresh as ever!

I can even do this with my fitness ball, since it stays put when I stand up. Then when I get tired of standing, I can bring the desk back down to table height and sit back down on the ball!

This is really a great solution for those of us who work from home or have an office where we can bring our own furniture. I am ordering mine and will let you know when I have it set up!

Get your own VariDesk adjustable standing desk today!

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