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I left a review on this product on Amazon. I don’t often do that, but this time was different. On my birthday, a few days ago, my wife showed me a giveaway on Amazon that was something I needed for my office: a desk pad that would be large enough for my keyboard and mouse without looking like a cheap plastic place mat.

I didn’t win. But I did buy it. Call it a late birthday gift to myself. I couldn’t wait to receive it and when the package arrived this morning, I hurried to my office with it!

Office Desk Pad Desktop Protector
My desktop after adding the Eminta Office Desk Pad Desktop Protector

When I opened the box, I was struck by the quality leather and the excellent stitching. I felt like I was looking at a product that I might have paid $49 or more. The little leather strap that came with it was an added bonus, because I travel to Florida for close to 6 months a year and when I pack up my desk, I like to bring my stuff with me. The strap makes sure I don’t get kinks in the leather by making it simple to roll the desk pad up and stow it in the suitcase with my computer.

I did find that my desk is a little too slick for me to be able to keep the desk pad on there straight, so I secure it with super sticky removable gel pads. Just one under each corner and the pad is super secure. This gift to myself was a great consolation, because I had ordered myself a really awesome dual monitor arm stand and then found out, after installing it on my desk, that my monitors did not have a spot on the back for a mounting bracket… I thought all monitors had those bracket mounting spots. So I had been a little down, until my wife showed me that giveaway that I didn’t win. Now I am excited about my desktop again!

FYI for those of you who recognized that Ghost on my desktop: my wife bought that for me as well for my birthday, because we both play Destiny 2 on a regular basis.

Eminta Desk Pad
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