Need A Beatles Related Tee Shirt?


The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM is celebrating their 2nd anniversary this week and what better way to help celebrate than to wear some Beatles related gear! The above Tee Shirt is from our own Opinion Reaction brand. It features one of the Opinion Reaction characters wearing walrus tusks with a name tag: Eye M.D. Walrus. Being an eyeball, the M.D. stands for Macular Degeneration, a horrible disease that takes the sight of hundreds of thousands of people annually. This shirt is supposed to help raise awareness for the dreaded disease that had almost completely taken my father’s sight before cancer consumed him in 2013.

Let’s get the word out about a disease that sneaks up on people without warning and can be slowed down with early enough treatment. So when you are asked about the Tee Shirt, be sure to tell them to get their eyes checked for this disease on a regular basis! Blindness is nothing to laugh at. Groups who are interested in raising awareness for Macular Degeneration can contact us here, so we can help you get the word out.

Eye MD Walrus Tee Shirt
Get all the eggmen and eggwomen together and wear this shirt proudly!
Need A Beatles Related Tee Shirt?
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