Indoor Snowball Fights?

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite

Parrot’s AR Drone was one of the first drones to hit the market for the “average guy.” It was pretty easy to figure out, it was durable and easy to fix if you had an accident or had a mishap like your dog eating it. In fact, it was so popular that I started an […]

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Spicy Ramen Challenge With 3.5 Million Scoville Hot Sauce!!!!!! (EPIC FAIL)

Subscribe ➜ Watch Ultimate Pepper Challenge ➜ Spicy Ramen Challenge & 3.5 Million Scoville Flashbang Hot … Cholula Original Mexican Hot Sauce with Wooden Stopper Top – 2 oz The Greatest Hot Sauce Recipes In History: Delicious, Fast & Easy Hot Sauce Recipes You Will Love! Knock Your Sauce Off: The Greatest Hot […]

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The Blind Hot Sauce Taste Test

We try & figure out different hot sauces while blindfolded. GMM #644 Visit or use the promo code “GMM” at checkout … Elijah’s Xtreme Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce a delicious blend of Black Cherries – Cranberries, Kentucky Bourbon and Carolina Reaper Peppers. All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, 5 oz. Mountain House Raspberry Crumble VTravo […]

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Stormy Wifi?

Wifi Too Slow? Don’t blame your provider!

You pay for a pricey Internet connection for your home. You expect your devices to blast through websites, games, movies and music… until you find that your speeds are not what your provider said they would be. Your Router could be the culprit. Routers are the devices that take your connection and shares it to […]

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