Caution: Wet Floor

Peeing In The Dark?


Caution: Wet FloorI really hate getting up in the middle of the night to relieve myself. First of all, it is dark. Second of all, it is dark. Which means I am more likely to get my feet wet than I am to turn on the light.

As we get older, men have to deal with prostate enlargement which means the bladder has a little less room to keep all the liquids we drank all evening.  So at 3 AM, the bladder cannot take it anymore and it starts doing acrobatics to wake me up!

Why men don’t turn the light on to pee.

Did you ever turn the light on after sleeping a while? How painful is that? How open are your eyes when you turn the light on? I know it takes me a few minutes to open my eyes. Precious minutes that I would have been sleeping if I didn’t have to go so badly.

So picture this.

I get up because my bladder is doing back flips. I carefully navigate in the dark to the bathroom. I turn on the light and immediately shut my eyes – all while dancing to the beat of the back flipping bladder. So I try to go with my eyes closed (which is easily as practical as going with my eyes open in the dark). I spend the next five minutes wiping up the floor, the toilet seat and the back of the toilet, then washing my feet.

What if you could have a nice, soft glow in your commode? Wouldn’t that translate to a nice soft glow in you, knowing that you were able to go without waking up anyone from all the cussing and splashing and running faucet for five minutes… Well, check this out:

GlowBowl – Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

This is real stuff here! A motion activated toilet bowl illuminator! Where was this all of my foot washing life? The GlowBowl – Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight fits ANY toilet! This is HUGE!

It won’t keep you awake, because it only comes on when you walk up to it. I am proficient at making my way to the bathroom, it is the waterworks that happens once I am there that I have problems with. Now, I don’t have to worry about waking up my wife when taking my nightly urinational. I walk into the bathroom and the toilet lights up to greet me. I then see that the lid is down and I raise it – no more peeing on the lid!

This is worth hundreds of dollars in stress relief alone!

Get your GloBowl today for much less than the hundreds it is worth!

motion activated nightlight

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    • Mikal
    • February 11, 2016

    Why need light? I just sit and rest.

    1. I suppose I could do that, but I would probably wake up on the floor a few hours later…

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