Keeping keys organized is easy with KeySmart!

Put An End To Noisy, Jingling Key Chains, Forever!


Ever tried to quietly get into your house without waking up everyone?

Me neither. My key ring was so clunky that I would wake everyone up when I got home from work. I could almost play Jingle Bells with it.

But this new device promises to make keeping your keys together much less noisy. It is called KeySmart.

Key Smart

keysmartissmallenoughtofitinyourpocketIf you have a lot (up to 10) of keys, KeySmart can keep them neatly in your pocket, purse or on a necklace. It looks a lot like a Swiss Army Knive, but it holds 2 – 10 keys (they have a smaller version that holds 2-8 keys). The best part? They don’t jingle. It also protects your keys from bending. I had one of those belt loop clip keychain and once one of my keys caught in a crevice in a bench I was sitting on and when I tried to get up, my keys stayed put, but one of my keys was bent. KeySmart would have prevented that situation.

KeySmart makes it easy to add a new key.
KeySmart makes it easy to add a new key.

Ever tried to add a key to a keychain with the tightly wound spiral? I would hurt my fingers trying to pry those things open, often splintering my fingernail in the process. But KeySmart allows you to add keys by just unscrewing one of the ends (you can do this with a coin) and adding your key.

KeySmart makes a great gift! Get a KeySmart today!


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