Spring Is Flower Planting Time, Dig It?


You know that time when the snow starts to melt and the rains haven’t come to take over the weather calendar? That is usually the time to start planting your flowers or reshuffling your bulbs. In our yard, the bulbs need to be dug up and replanted, because they get over crowded year over year. Most bulb plants have a habit of adding new roots which, in turn, makes it crowded the next year. Rather than allowing that to happen, we dig them up, divide them and replant them. Of course, we end up with leftovers, which we give to our neighbors.

I did a quick search and found quite a few spring bulbs that you could order now and plant within a few days for a beautiful landscape. I recommend you get out there now, because if you wait too long, the rain might make it a little too messy to get anything done until the blooming period starts.

Spring Is Flower Planting Time, Dig It? Spring Is Flower Planting Time, Dig It?
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