Worx Aerocart: This Is What Ingenuity Looks Like!

Worx Aerocart

When you have to do stuff around the house, having a way to get your supplies from the garage to where you are working is important. It is also good if you can transport heavy items without killing your back.

The Aerocart Dolly/Cart/Wheelbarrow
This is a dolly, wheelbarrow and more!

At my age, carrying stuff around my yard is beginning to cause more pain and suffering than it used to. But the Worx Aerocart is going to save me from future distress!

I am planning on getting the Aerocart with the Wagon kit, because then you don’t have to always be pushing stuff around the yard, you can pull it around. Not only that, but then I can pull my grandchildren around the neighborhood and be the fun grandpa that will make memories! It just isn’t the same putting your grandkids on a dolly or wheelbarrow.

Aerocart and Wagon Kit Together
With the optional wagon kit installed, the Aerocart is a wagon!

Plus, the wagon is a great place to sit when you are pulling weeds or working on things that are low to the ground. Again, once you reach the age when the body rebels, it is a good idea to make things as easy for it as possible. Sitting to do jobs that you used to crouch for is one of the necessary things you must concede if you want to keep from buying too much ibuprofen.

Already have the Aerocart and want to get the wagon kit alone? Not a problem! Here is the link for the Wagon Kit.

Wagon Kit for Aerocart
This optional wagon kit turns the Aerocart into a wagon!

The Standard Keg A Tube. An innovative new portable beer keg cooler-WITH FREE SHIPPING.

The Standard Keg A Tube. An innovative new portable beer keg cooler-WITH FREE SHIPPING.: Patio, Lawn & Garden

The Standard Keg A Tube is an innovative new portable, and self contained beer keg cooler that literally has no competition. The Keg A Tube is the most elite, robust, and highest quality portable beer keg cooler money can buy. Because of the extreme duty and impervious construction of the Keg A Tube, we can offer a full lifetime warranty on the entire Keg A Tube shell and lid against leaking, cracking, and fading.
The Keg A Tube will internally hold either an 8 or 16 gallon keg and is fully insulated to hold ice for 5 days and longer. The standard Keg A Tube is designed to utilize a standard pump tap to dispense the beer. A 2" hole in the top lid allows the pump tap and spigot to protrude for easy access. (Pump tap not included)
The optional CO2 dispensing system as seen on the Deluxe Keg A Tube can be purchased seperately and added at any time to dispense beer automatically.
For formal events, we also offer an optional fine dining linen cover in 64 different colors. This linen is designed to completely cover the entire Keg A Tube so it will blend into the most elite environments.
NOTE: The Keg A Tube can also be purchased with a completely self containded CO2 system and high quality stainless steel draft tower. Please see seperate Amazon add to see the Deluxe Keg A Tube. Model KAT-Deluxe.
NOTE: An optonal custom Keg A Tube dolly is available. This option allows the standard model Keg A Tube to be completely portable due to a very heavy duty custom dolly with top edge trim and 5 quality casters. Using 5 casters instead of our competitors 4 will eliminate the Keg A Tube from tipping. Please see seperate Amazon add to order the custom dolly. Model KAT-Dolly
THE OPTIONAL Dolly and CO2 draft system are shown in the last two product images.