Need A Solid Driveway? Give Geo Grid A Shot!

Need A Solid Driveway? Give Geo Grid A Shot!

I tried to park in my yard last winter when the snow plows needed access to the street. While the ground was hard, no problem. But once the spring thaw hit, the yard got messed up pretty bad. So we decided to get a quote for a concrete driveway. After I was revived from the sticker shock, I decided to look for an alternative.

Geo Grid is what I found.

So I am starting this project tomorrow, since I have everything arriving tomorrow and it is all going to be stacked in front of my garage. I will be documenting this on here so you can see how easy it is (even for someone who does not exactly wield a hammer or shovel on a regular basis).

Stay tuned!

Need A Solid Driveway? Give Geo Grid A Shot!

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