Changing Your Mattress

How often do you change your mattress? If you are like most people, at least every 10 years. And yet, some people keep the same mattress/frame for even longer than that! Think about the germs that soak into a mattress over the years. And dust mites! How big of a dust mite colony do you […]

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KidCo PeaPod with Self-Inflating Mattress

KidCo PeaPod with Self-Inflating MattressKidCo’s PeaPodTM the travel bed that does it all for the on-the-go parent!  Great NEW Self-Inflatable air mattress helps protect baby from cold, damp floors while providing a comforting place to sleep.  Great for outdoors because of its UV protection and wind screens.  Zippered panel allows parents quick and easy access […]

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