Water Filtration System

Alkaline Water: Good For You?

A while ago, I wrote about something I was planning on purchasing. It was a counter top water ionizing purifier to make my drinking water more alkaline. It turns out that a lot of people are touting alkaline water as having a lot of health benefits. Personally, I like it. I was buying alkaline water […]

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Purifying Water Is Not Enough

Look, cleaning the chemicals and particles out of your drinking water is a good thing. But sometimes, you have to wonder whether your water is doing anything for you other than giving you a little exercise when you have to get up to go to the bathroom and release it back into the wild. I […]

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High Pressure Situations

Does your business need a high pressure (40,000 PSI) cleaning solution? The Cyclone 4006 is an ultra high pressure hard surface cleaner used mainly at Airports for paint and rubber removal or for roadway concrete curing compound removal. The Cyclone 4006 has full recovery and separates the water from the waste for easy disposal. The […]

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