The Sun Is Shining – Get Something From It


Solar Energy HandbookLiving in Florida, Yvonne and I love to get out and soak up some rays when the sun is out (especially in December and March, when people in the Great White North are freezing their buns off). But once the spring and summer heat starts to build up, being inside in the air conditioning is more exciting.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner has a bad habit of boosting the electric bill during the summer, with August usually being the worst. So we thought about taking some of that sun’s energy and harnessing it to cut down on the amount of electricity that we have to buy from the electric company.

With that in mind, I started to price solar panels and soon figured out that I knew next to nothing about what to look for in the equipment necessary for powering your home with solar energy. Luckily, people who do know what they are talking about have written books on the topic, so I decided to give you a list of the ones we are going to be looking over.

Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies was the first one I found. While I hate thinking of myself as a dummy, I do know for a fact from previous Dummy books I have purchased that they are written by experts who know how to write in an easy to understand manner. So this one should do very well.

But if you are really against all things dummy, then you can take a look at Solar Electricity Handbook by Michael Boxwell. I looked up Boxwell on Google and was not surprised to find him all over the place as the guy to talk to about solar energy. So if you want to know exactly what you need and why, his handbook should cover it.

You can also dig into all of the search results that I found when researching Solar Energy Books!

Solar Energy Handbook


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