The Year Of Declutter


10 Minute DeclutterClutter is probably the most potent threat to a sane life. Space clutter can make any easy task into an all day ordeal. Mind clutter can make focusing on one task completely impossible. Simplifying your home environment is the simplest way to ensure your time and space become your own again.

When I started out of my garage on New Year’s Eve to go to the grocery store, I had to weave my way through a narrow path to get outside. The walk was one I had done for 9 months, but each month had been different. I had moved into my parents’ home after my mom and dad had passed away, bringing with me a houseful of furniture and living implements. Of course, my parents had not gotten rid of much before they died of cancer two years apart. My father had done a lot of clearing out when he was given 8 months to live, but when he died, my mom almost gave up. She kept the house clean, but was not in a mood to get rid of anything of my dad’s or anything that might be cluttering up her life. Two years later, after cancer had taken her from me, I was in no state to be ruthless in getting rid of things. In fact, whenever I would start going through things, I would have memories that would prevent me from getting rid of anything.

In 17 days, my mom will have been gone one year. It is time for me to become ruthless. Time to get rid of things that are keeping me from moving forward.The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up!

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