Tired Of Trying To Plug Your Phone In When The Lights Are Off?


I wait until the last second to plug my phone it at night. I am certain it irritates my wife, because I stay up a little longer to play Guns of Glory and when I finally plug my phone in, I tend to cuss under my breath when I take longer than a few seconds to find the socket so I can plug it in. I usually end up turning on the light.

But today I ordered something that will change all of that!

360 degree magnetic phone charger!

This 360 Degree Round Magnetic USB 2.0 to Type C Cable is just the answer, because it allows me to plug the type C connector into the phone and leave it there. Then, when I am ready to charge my phone, I just attach the magnetic end of the cable to the round end of the type C connector on my phone and my phone is charging! I got the 3 pack, because I need various lengths of cable based on the room of the house I am located. Imagine, plugging in your phone without having to fumble around for the cord after trying to plug it in and missing 2 or 3 times. This one has an LED light, so you can easily see it and the magnet makes sure you get a good connection every time.

I will be buying a second set for my wife, since she has the same type of phone connector and she likes to plug in while we are watching TV or downstairs in the rec room while we are playing on the Xbox. With this set of cables, she won’t need to unplug any of her chargers.

This will make a great gift for anyone who has a cell phone or tablet. They have them with the old connectors, too. Just look at the different options before you add it to your cart!

UPDATE (6/30/2019): I did buy a pack for my wife and discovered that you have to check that your phone’s case is not too thick. Otherwise, the 90 degree angle set of these will not connect properly to the magnet. But the straight one still works.

Also, if you have an IOS device. use this link for the iPhone Compatible set!

Tired Of Trying To Plug Your Phone In When The Lights Are Off?
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