What Is Your Super Bowl Routine?


Players and coaches like to have a gameday routine. It helps them be in the right frame of mind for their play on the field. But we, as fans, have another reason for gameday routines. We want to give our team the edge. But the Super Bowl is a different animal, because our team is not always in the big game. So what is it that keeps your Super Bowl special?

Every year, I like to cook up a pot of my world famous chili. That is the way I keep myself busy pregame. I can watch the pregame shows while chopping ingredients, getting everything ready and then cook it all up.  This year, we are having family over to watch the big game and, of course, enjoy the chili!

If your team is in the game, you should do what you normally do each Sunday, but if this is not your team’s championship game, what is your Super Bowl pregame routine?



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