When Good Products Have Bad Support


Products are only as good as the company behind them. I am learning this quickly from a company that is driving me crazy at the moment. I bought a really nice robot vacuum 3 years ago, and it is obviously out of warranty. I figured out that the problem was the fan motor, so I figured I could fix it myself.

The problem with these robot vacuums is that they are coming out with a new model every few months, so there aren’t any YouTube videos on how to take apart the particular model I own. All the videos that do show how to do it are from models that are drastically different.

I contacted support for this particular brand. They were pretty insistent that I use this “3rd Party” repair site to have it diagnosed and then they would tell me how much it would cost to fix it. The “3rd Party” site wanted $20 for them to send me a shipping label and box. If I did not want them to do the work, I would have to pay them shipping to send me the vacuum back. The issue was that I knew what the problem was. The part was $10 plus shipping. All I wanted to know was how to get the front section off so I could access the fan motor.

After I explained this to them, the support person told me that they would have a tech contact me within 48 hours to help me with my problem. So, given that info, I went ahead and ordered the part. Two weeks later, I still hadn’t heard back from them and the part had arrived and was waiting for me to get that front part open. On Friday, I contacted them again, this time, I got a person who couldn’t be troubled to spell his name correctly on the chat. His name was Daniel, but he entered it in the chat as Denial… that should have told me everything I need to know.

I should have known what to expect…

So Daniel told me that they are not allowed to give out information on how to fix their devices. He proceeded to talk up the “3rd Party” service that would take care of everything. I told him, that is great, but I already spent $16 having the part sent to me to fix it myself. If they were to refund that, I might be tempted to use the “3rd Party” to fix it. He said, no problem, they will get the refund started and I should get an email from them. I checked my email and I needed to send them all kinds of info that they had at their disposal on their computer. But I did all of that and sent it in.

Monday, I didn’t hear from them. This morning, I received an email telling me where to send the part, and once they received the part, I would receive a refund for the part, not the shipping or the return shipping, which means for $2 they take the part off my hands so it doesn’t clutter my garage.

So… I am giving them 24 hours to make this right, or I am going to start a campaign to alert people about this company. We’ll see. Check back here if you want to know who they are.

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